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Pancho and Lefty

Round and Round

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Return of the Grievous Angel

Black Roses

Sin City


Ain't Livin Long Like This

Silver Threads

I Know a Heartache When I See One

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Two More Bottles of Wine

I Can't Help It

You Never Can Tell


Back to Ramble House

KATHY DELANEY (1953-1999)


   I wish I knew more about Kathy's life because it would make a great story. She went to Farmington High from 1968 to 1971. I met Kathy at college at New Mexico State University and we used to share drives back to the old home town during school holidays. She loved to sing and would sit in with the Mighty Calhoon Brothers from time to time. Luckily, we recorded several of those times and now we have the songs to remind us of her voice and personality.


   Kathy was my best friend in Las Cruces. I could always go over to her house and relax with some sweet smoke as we discussed the various emotional fiascoes we were embroiled in. We loved to go to bad movies and chortle at the feebleness of the scripts and actors. In the mid-80s she did the impossible and got me hooked on an afternoon soap opera, Santa Barbara. We'd tape the day's episode and have a grand time that night getting loaded and enjoying the hilarious machinations of Gina, Mason, Eden, Cruz, Kelly, Lionel, Augusta, Julia, Mary the nun, the Carnation Killer and all of the other oddballs that inhabited the show before it got "normal" and dropped out of the air.


   When I moved to Shreveport LA in 1987 Kathy became friends with my favorite Las Cruces lady, Jerron, and they kept me nostalgic for the old days with their updates. When Kathy died suddenly in 1999, it was the end of an era for so many of us who had come to love her over the years. But we still have the music.