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A Sword and Sorcery Novel by

Lin Carter & Robert M. Price

 Venture back into time’s abyss, half a million years to a time before the oceans drank Lemuria. Lemuria: a land where the reptilian epoch lingered for a time alongside the first cities of civilized man. Thongor! : Barbarian warrior from the ice plateau whom has usurped the throne of the great shimmering city of Patanga!

  But all is not well. Kathool, allied city state of Patanga is besieged by assailants borne upon the wings of ravenous dragon-steeds, and in Thongor's absence, his son, Thar, takes matters in hand and flies to their allies aid. The trail soon leads to the dim-litten and terrifying cavern world beneath Lemuria. A world of terrors unimagined against which even the mightiest swordsman may not prevail! 



"Thongor Conquers the Underground World moves faster than an urlium airboat. Heroic swordplay, an evil sorcerer, dinosaurs, a mysterious underground worldeven psychotropic mushrooms. This Thongor is a blast from start to finish."

Marc Cerasini

"Reading Thongor Conquers the Underground World feels like discovering a legendary pulp magazine sometimes a spicy one. Vigorously eventful, slyly humorous, on occasion joyously gruesome, Price's tale is a gift to every follower of Thongor."

Ramsey Campbell

Available Editions$18 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"


$18 Pocket-sized Paperback 4.25” x 6.875”


$6 E-book