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THE ALIEN ENVOY and Other Stories

The Best of Malcolm Jameson Volume II


With an Introduction by John Pelan


Classics of Fantasy and SF #7


One of the main contributors to Astounding Stories and Unknown, Malcolm Jameson was a master of both science fiction and modern fantasy. Best remembered today for his stories of "Bullard of the Space Patrol,'' the majority of his work has remained out-of-print for over sixty years. This collection includes stories from Astounding and several fine fantasies from Weird Tales and Unknown, including the story "Blind Alley," Iater adapted for the Twilight Zone episode "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville."


The stories are:


The Alien Envoy, Astounding Stories, November 1944

The Man Who Loved Planks, Weird Tales, March 1941

Blind Man’s Buff, Astounding Stories, October 1944

Philtered Power, Unknown, March 1940

Murder in the Time World, Amazing Stories, August 1940

The Leech, Astounding Stories, January 1944

Blind Alley, Unknown, June 1943

Hobo God, Astounding Stories, September 1944

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Astounding Stories, December 1941

The Goddesses Legacy, Unknown, October 1942

Lilies of Life, Astounding Stories, February 1945

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