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Smarter, Snappier, Breezier, Livelier,

and Saucier Than All the Rest


Introduction by Chris Mikul

One More Thrill by Carroll John Daly

The Fish that Lived a Thousand Years by Capt. W.P. Barron

The Man with the Odd Skull by Theodore Pratt

The Rights of the Dead by Charles T. Jordan

The Conversion of the Island of Unk by Hartley H. Hepler

C.O.D by L.C. Sims

Fate’s Denouement by Robert Seymour Trulock

The Man the Chief Called In by Harry Stephen Keeler

The Business Career of Jack Nevermore by Kenneth Fearing

An Adventure in Misunderstanding by Jack Woodford

Little Guy by Len Zinberg

Judgment by Zora Neale Hurston

Maid Marion by Chris Hawthorne

An Interview with Harry Stephen Keeler by Jim Dilley

The Glass Vat by H.F. Jamison

The White Man who Turned Black by John H. Farnsworth

Two Gentlemen at Forty by August Derleth

Think of Me by Hugh L. Maxwell

A Piece of Linoleum by Amy Worth

Darkness from Behind by Thomas W. Duncan

Relativity by Tiffany Thayer

That Tantalizing Face by Harry Stephen Keeler

Doughgod – Gift of the Gods by J.R. McCarthy

The Menace of Mars by Vincent Starrett

The Furlough by K.M. Kapek, translation: E.D. Schonberger

Falling in Your Blood by Len Zinberg

The Blue-Eyed Gorilla by Clara Chanin

Tell-Tales by Edwin L. Sabin

Undertow by Harold Q. Masur

Death Spiders by Allen Sidney

Lisa by Mary Paxton

The Man Who Became a Universe by Ivan Offalitch

Soliloquy Atrabiliar by Robert St. George

Suspense and Such by Jack Woodford


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