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by M. P. Shiel

 M. P. Shiel is mainly known for his 1901 novel, THE PURPLE CLOUD, which was loosely adapted into the 1959 post-apocalyptic film, THE WORLD, THE FLESH AND THE DEVIL, starring Harry Belafonte and Inger Stevens. His first collection of short mysteries, entitled PRINCE ZALESKI, was also popular and will soon be published by Ramble House. But one of his most amazing, and obscure, novels is the 1930 THE BLACK BOX, which was written in a style perhaps borrowed from a contemporary writer like James Joyce. Long out of print, Ramble House is proud to bring it back for modern readers to struggle with, as did his readers of the previous century. Once you get settled into the dense, surreal prose you'll find a fantastic plot worthy of Harry Stephen Keeler. Introduced by professor of psychology, Richard L. Kellogg, this novel will amaze and amuse you — just as it did our grandfathers.

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