Dust Jacket by Gavin L. O'Keefe


 A. Scatterday Fothergill-Starkweather, known as “The Fish”, has a cozy deal going with the Tong of the Lean Grey Rats That Swarm the World. But when he blabs too much while in his cups, he gets a warning from Hong Lei Chung, the leader of the tong, to cool his heels. No problemo for The Fish, but when he starts to woo lady lawyer, Isadora Veenschooten, things begin to get a little complicated. This novella by webwork author Harry Stephen Keeler is now available for the first time. It has an introduction by Keeler scholar Francis M. Nevins that puts Keeler’s short novels in perspective and shows that even in his waning years, Keeler still had a place in his heart for wily celestials and hatchet-wielding tongmen. It’s illustrated by Gavin L. O’Keefe.

NOTE! THE BLACKMAILER is one of three Keeler stories found in THREE NOVELLOS, a trade paperback available from Ramble House.


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