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The Best of Colin Kapp, Volume 1

Introduced by John Pelan

Classics of SF and Fantasy #10


Colin Kapp is mainly known for his SF novels of the 60s and 70s from THE DARK MIND to the Cageworld series. He always adhered to scientific principles and took them to extremes with his brilliant Unorthodox Engineers series, all of which are contained in this collection. In his introduction, John Pelan blazes the trail to more collections by Colin Kapp.

The stories are:

Colin Kapp – One Man New Wave © 2012 John Pelan

The Cloudbuilders, New Writings in SF #12, 1968

Ambassador to Verdammt, Analog, April 1968

The Railways on Cannis, New Worlds, 87 1959

The Subways of Tazoo, New Writings in SF #3 1964

The Pen and the Dark, New Writings in SF #8 1966

Getaway from Getawehi, New Writings in SF #16 1969

The Black Hole of Negrav, New Writings in SF #25 1975

Something in the City, Analog, November, 1984

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