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George Bruce




The gang of a half dozen poolroom louts had the insurance fraud game all figured out. They'd take out accident insurance on each member of the gang then get out the old carpentry vise. A couple of quick -- and painful -- manipulations and one of the gang was off to the emergency room with a double compound fracture of the arm. The next week another gang member is hospital bound with both legs broken. The insurance checks just start rolling in.


It was a perfect crime! What could go wrong!


This crazy potboiler about insurance fraud gets so involved with the forensics that it seems like an episode of CSI: 1938. In fact it gets downright gruesome when an ultra-rich banker insures himself for a million clams then gets royally toasted in his own furnace room, becoming the titular corpse. This is Ramble House's Lost & Found gem of the year.


154 pages.

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$16 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"

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