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Written by Raoul Whitfield


Introduced by Fender Tucker


In 1931, Raoul Whitfield was one of the highest-paid writers in Hollywood when he wrote this atmospheric mystery about a murder at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Talk about murder in plain sight with plenty of witnesses! Ben Jardinn, studio lawyer, doesn’t know much about music, but he knows he doesn’t like it when the conductor is bumped off before the first big song. Before long he might find himself the target of the Hollywood Bowl Murderer.

Soon after writing Death in a Bowl, Whitfield and his socialite wife built a ranch in the high deserts of Las Vegas, NM, where they threw lavish and notorious parties for jet-setters from Hollywood and around the globe. But the festivities came to an abrupt end when Whitfield’s wife was either murdered or committed suicide.

The mystery author became the mystery. Publisher Fender Tucker tells you all about it in his introduction.



Available Editions 

      $18 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"
       $32  Hardcover with dust jacket 6" x 9"

       $6  E-book via e-mail (epub or mobi)