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With an Introduction by John Pelan

Dancing Tuatara Press #22


Remembered mainly for his work on The Spider and Operator #5, Wayne Rogers was also one of the premier authors in the weird menace genre with over fifty stories appearing in Dime Mystery Magazine, Terror Tales, and Horror Stories and another handful published by the competition at Thrilling Mystery. Rogers' work is the consummate blending of the Gothic atmosphere and brutal violence that was the hallmark of the genre. While many of his contemporaries abandoned the genre, Wayne Rogers had found a comfortable niche for himself and was still producing new and inventive yarns as late as 1941. This second collection of his tales gathers eleven stories, including several early rarities published under the pseudonym of "H.M Appel," and one utilizing his later byline as "Conrad Kimball." Included herein is a snapshot of the period from 1934-1937, giving the reader an overview of the genre's most fertile period. This is the second of a projected series of six volumes which will collect the majority of Wayne Rogers short stories and novelettes.

Daughters of Pain, Dime Mystery Magazine, November 1934*
Killer Blood for Sale, Dime Mystery Magazine, November 1936
Doom Flowers, Terror Tales, May 1935*
Satan Stole my Face, Horror Stories, February/March 1936
Hell Welcomes Lonely Wives, Terror Tales March/April 1937
Her Lover from the Grave, Terror Tales, November 1935
Dead Man’s Kiss, Dime Mystery Magazine, July 1936
Fresh Blood for Golden Cauldrons, Dime Mystery, September 1934**
Her Suitor from Hell, Terror Tales, April 1936*
Death Rocks the Cradle, Horror Stories, February/March 1937
Satan’s Love Bazaar, Terror Tales, July/August 1937

*Appeared under the name “H.M. Appel”
** Appeared under the name “Conrad Kimball”

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