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Two Novels of 1969 by Morris Hershman




Morris Hershman, under the name Arnold English, wrote several sex novels in the 60s when censorship was still strong. These two novels were written in 1969 and show how the country was moving from an uptight world of illicit sex to one of open sexual abandon. And not all that gracefully.

SCHOOL FOR SEX is the story of a young college professor who undertakes a Kinsey-like sex survey with his students. Nothing could go wrong there, could it? But once he finds the house where all the action is, he finds himself a little too involved with the student body. This is one survey where the interviewer reveals more about himself than the interviewee.

RESORT SECRETARY tells of the many ways the owners and staff of a pleasure resort can have even more fun than the guests. Once again the sexual mores of the 60s are disrobed by an omniscient narrator who has as many hangups as the characters in the novel.


302 pages.


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