E.R. Punshon


Bobby Owen Novels


For some reason we've concentrated on the Bobby Owen novels by E.R. Punshon. Maybe it's because they're so good? And maybe Bobby Owen is the most likeable and solid Inspector to ever come out of Scotland Yard?


 We hope to underline and bronze  several more titles this year.



Information Received

Death Among the Sunbathers

Crossword Mystery

Mystery Villa

Death of a Beauty Queen

Death Comes to Cambers

The Bath Mysteries

Mystery of Mr. Jessop

The Dusky Hour

Dictator's Way

Comes a Stranger

Suspects ó Nine



Murder Abroad

Four Strange Women

Ten Star Clues

The Dark Garden

Diabolic Candelabra

The Conqueror Inn

Nightís Cloak

Secrets Canít Be Kept

Thereís a Reason for Everything

It Might Lead Anywhere

Helen Passes By

Music Tells All



The House of Godwinsson

So Many Doors

Everybody Always Tells

The Secret Search

The Golden Dagger

The Attending Truth

Strange Ending

Brought to Light

Dark is the Clue

Triple Quest

Six Were Present