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The Casting of the Golden Dice - Book Two


by William Tevelein


There’s epic fantasy, there’s urban fantasy, there’s comic fantasy – or if you’re in a hurry, you can have all three things at once with the work of William Tevelein, who makes his Ramble House debut this month. We’re releasing the first two volumes of The Casting of the Golden Dice sequence – The Visitants and First Frost – to be followed in 2015 with Winter Aconite.

The genre-blending series is a unique cocktail of mythic realities and magical realism shaken and stirred by a flamboyantly eccentric ensemble of characters and an author who delights in the inescapable silliness of both the art of fantasy and being alive.

Isobelle Carmody (author of the Obernewtyn Chronicles) described The Visitants as "An hilarious and elegantly intelligent time and space defying journey … into the heart of mystery." Ian Irvine (author of the Three Worlds Cycle) calls Tevelein’s writing "extraordinarily witty and original". Author, actress and musician, Fiona Horne writes that The Casting of the Golden Dice books are "fantastic, enchantingly funny and bewitching fantasy".


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      $24 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"
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