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Greye La Spina


The manuscript that became this book of malevolent lycanthropy in the astral plane has a strange provenance. It was thrown to Greye La Spina by Sophie Delorme, a mysterious woman leaning from a window on the second story of a house that was immediately destroyed by an explosion. La Spina read and published it despite a series of threats and actual attacks by person or persons unknown. All of this took place in 1924 and the stamp of that decadent era is all over the tale about a visit to Differdale mansion by young Owen Edwards, and his encounter with Sophie's beautiful niece, Portia, and the exotic Princess Tchernova. All seems so innocent, despite the presence of a pack of wolves kept as pets by the princess, until deaths start piling up in the countryside. As Owen investigates, the clues seem to point to something more dangerous than mere feral pets: werewolves!

Ramble House is proud to reprint this masterpiece of astral evil which was first published in WEIRD TALES in 1925, then later reprinted in 1960 by Arkham House.


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