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Norman Berrow

Bill Hamilton, whom we last met in The Smokers of Hashish, is back in Gibraltar with his good friends Geoff Marlow, George Winter and Pongo Slazenger when they decide to go on a road trip to Spain. But the day they enter the quaint village of San Sajedo the young woman who works at the inn is menaced by a howling creature. Then a woman of the village is ripped apart by an animal and terror seizes the town. Every clue points to one thing: a werewolf! Before long, an expert on madness, Dr. Zöwe, and the Spanish guardia civil are called in and the three adventurers are off on a wild werewolf hunt. It doesn’t help that for 27 days out of the month the killer may just be in human form. And the full moon is nigh! $18



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