has been turned into a successful Broadway musical, Uncle Tom’s Mansion. The House at Satan’s Elbow.

Andrews, Betty. Secretary to John Destry who visits Coney Island and takes a boat ride in a tunnel to the old Haunted Mill. “Will You Make a Bet With Death?”

Andrews, Colonel. Governor of Maidhurst Prison. A fussy, thin middle-aged man with a military curtness and worried manner. “The Hangman Won’t Wait.”

d’Andrieu, Comte. Owner of the Château de l’Ile near Orleans, France and host to the airline passengers that crash landed near his home, as well as to Sir Henry Merrivale, Kenwood Blake and Evelyn Cheyne. He is sixty odd years of age, doddering, with a gray beard. He is a genial little figure but this is all a disguise. The Unicorn Murders.

And So To Murder. (As by Carter Dickson). New York, William. Morrow, 1940, 280p., $2.00; London, William Heinemann, 1941, 251p., 7/6.

Monica Stanton is the author of the naughty best-seller, Desire. She is hired by Albion Films not to write a film version of her novel, but to write the screen play of William Cartwright‘s detective novel, And So To Murder. She meets Bill and, although sparks fly, they are attracted to one another. The film currently being shot is Spies at Sea, and Tilly Parsons, the highest paid scenario-writer in the world, is involved in rewriting the film. Attempts are made on the lives of both women, and no one can make sense of the goings on until Bill Cartwright contacts Sir Henry Merrivale. The 10th Sir Henry Merrivale Mystery. And So To Murder was made available in 1989 as a set of six unabridged audio cassettes read by Nigel Lambert, and published by G. K. Hall Audio Books (ISBN 0816193770). This mystery was serialized in Woman’s Journal from June — September 1940 under the title Two Angry People.

CHARACTERS: Aaronson, William Cartwright, Joe Collins, Howard Fisk, Frances Fleur, Thomas Hackett, Jimmy, Annie MacPherson, Corky O’Brien, Tilly Parsons, Flossie Stanton, Monica Stanton.

“...and Things that Go Bump in the Night.” Essay by John Dickson Carr on ghost lore and hauntings. The article appeared in Woman’s Journal, December, 1938, pp. 30, 31, 87.

Annie. Dr. Grimaud's maid at his home in Russell Square, London, where she lives in the basement. Stuart Mills has worked for Grimaud for three years and eight months, but still doesn’t know her last name. Saturday is her night out. The Three Coffins.

“Another Glass, Watson!” An essay by John Dickson Carr on food and drink in the stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The essay comprises pages 5-10 in: Catalogue. The Sherlock Holmes: Catalogue of the Collection in the Bars and Grill Room and in the Recon-struction of Part of the Living Room at 221B Baker Street. London, Whitbread & Co. Ltd. [no date].