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 Joel Townsley Rogers


Lucky Costovain was a cadís cad. He was handsome, lucky and had gotten away with murder. But one night at the casino he had the astonishingly bad luck to roll twelve boxcars in a row and he found himself off on a rollercoaster of deceit and betrayal. But just as heís about to succumb to the dice-throwing fates, he hears about a fortune buried in a remote cave in Trinidad and heís off on a journey to his destinyóruled over by the black-hooded caster of doom, Lachesis. This 1946 novel by the iconoclast Joel Townsley Rogers is a masterpiece of pulpdom and Ramble House is proud to bring it back for the first time in over 50 years.


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$16  Trade Paperback

$24  Ramble House handcrafted A6 paperback with dust jacket

$35  Hardcover with dust jacket

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$16  Trade Paperback 6" x 9"
$24  Ramble House handcrafted edition, with dust jacket 4.13" x 5.75"
$30 Hardcover with dust jacket  6" x 9"