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by Robert H. Leitfred



 Ned Anderson, wealthy young playboy of San Francisco, comes back from a trip around the world to find that James Gillespie, whom he had granted power of attorney before leaving on his trip, had swindled him of his fortune. In his attempt to recover his fortune, and to find Gillespie's secretary who has been kidnapped, Anderson hires Simon Crole, private detective. At this time Gillespie's car burns and a body is found in it which is identified as Gillespie's, the police closing the case as accidental death.

Simon Crole, however, is not satisfied. He continues his investigations and finds many facts which arouse his suspicions. After several attempts are made on Crole's life and on Anderson's, Crole unravels the mystery.

This is an interesting murder mystery, handled in a staccato hard-boiled style which keeps it moving at a quick pace. Simon Crole is the type of private detective who has become very popular among modem readers.

The Man Who Was Murdered Twice is an excellent example of the kinds of books that Ramble House finds, revives and makes available for reasonable prices for readers who aren't interested in propping up the perceived values of  smelly old books.


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