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by N. R. de Mexico

Joyce Taylor was a nice high school girl, maybe a little wild, and when she is kicked out of school for doing a bump-and-grind number on a cafeteria table she moves to the big city and gets a job. There she meets a man who introduces her to the smoky world of jazz and before she knows it, she's inhaled some of that sweet, sweet smoke. When the cops get in on the action the misery starts and Joyce finds herself on a roller coaster ride to oblivion. N.R. de Mexico wrote as if he knew his subject, yet refrained from getting as preachy about dope as many of his contemporaries did. The pot-smoking jazz scene of the 50s is well described and filled with smart, sympathetic people. 189 pages. $18.00

"Marijuana Girl will get you through times of no money better'n money will get you through times of no Marijuana Girl." -- Knees Calhoon

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