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Written by A. Fielding


Chief-lnspector Pointer of Scotland Yard has sent his detective Hugh Duncan down to Suffolk to make contact with Sergeant Peel ó who had been dispatched to that district on an investigation and has subsequently become incommunicado. Peel had been assigned to keep tabs on the son of the Arab Sheik El Bakr of El Wejh, Prince Faud, who is enrolled in a sanatorium run by Dr. Grunevald. To further complicate matters, the Princeís personal guardian has also gone missing.

Duncan finds himself not only looking into the sergeantís disappearance and Prince Faudís affairs, but also investigating an apparent contraband smuggling racket. With the help of his assistant, the local constabulary, and a resourceful individual from an unexpected quarter, the detective uncovers a murky intrigue and some particularly nasty characters behind it.

Some mystery also surrounds the true identity of the author, A. Fielding, whose 25 crime novels were published by Collins Crime Club in England between 1924 and 1944.

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