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Written: Pierce Street, El Paso TX, spring 1969


Inspired by an actual event in Knees’ life, this song has more salacious double intendres than any other tune in the Calhoon portfolio. It also has a chord pattern stolen from Blood, Sweat and Tears’ Spinning Wheel and a great guitar-driven rhythm. Sadie’s was the name of a notorious brothel/bar in Farmington in the 50s but Knees was never fortunate enough to go there.


Last Thursday night I was shootin some pool

When my friend Willie say “Hey man!

I do believe I see Sadie and Jewel.”

We racked up our balls an we ran.


We knew them girls was just our style

An they knew we was theirs

I’d last seen Sadie at a ten body pile

An Jewel didn’t mind splittin hairs


I say “Hi Sadie.” Sadie say “Hi.”

Willie say “Hey Jewel, come on.”

Hopped in my Nash feelin high an dry

Bought us a case an we was gone.


Drinkin an a-drivin Sadie’s shiftin my gears

An Jewel’s givin Willie the gas

Ain’t nothin better than drinkin some beers

An lovin up a nubile lass.


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