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Written: Melendres Street, Las Cruces NM, 1977


Knees stole—yes, stole—this title from a woman he met at the Las Cruces Inn. On what was the most traditional, normal date of his life she told him that if she were ever to write a country & western tune, the title would be, “I’m Too Smart to Be This Kind of Fool”. He liked it too, and although he never saw her again, he fleshed out the song soon after.


Why do I worry just like a good ol boy?

Why do I treat her like she’s my favorite toy?

Jealousy is new to me,

I’ve always been so fancy free,

But she introduced me to misery

Now I’m learnin that pain’s

On the other side of joy.


I’m too smart to be this kind of fool

I know a lot about art

But I don’t know what to do.

She tells me things that I never heard in school,

Hell I’m too smart to be this kind of fool.


Why do I need her,

I never needed anyone before

Why do I believe her an keep on askin for more?

As we roll along to the evenin song,

Makin love til the feelin’s gone,

An everything I ever knew is wrong

She says “See ya later,”

An leaves me lyin on the floor.


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