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Edited by Howard J. Pearlstein, Richard A. Lupoff and Fender Tucker


Here it is, folks, a time machine back to those heady days AFTER the whole "love" thing but BEFORE disco -- the first two years of the 70s. This huge book -- a coffee-table paperback if there ever was one -- contains almost every article, cartoon and diatribe published in the nine issues of THE ORGAN during its short, ecstatic life. It's 304 pages long and 8.5" x 11.5" and if you can lift it, you won't want to put it back down until you've thumbed through every one of its pages. And then you still have the next three weeks to read the stories!

Just to give you a small taste of what's in store for you, check out the Table of Contents below. Then read Dick Lupoff's introduction to learn more about this important newspaper from Berkeley -- back when Berkeley was Berkeley.


$22  Coffee-table size paperback 8.25" x 11.5"

INTRODUCTION: Just Which Organ Did You Have in Mind?

   Richard A. Lupoff

PREFACE: Dancing My Way to Obscurity — Life at the Chicken Factory

   Howard J. Pearlstein

PREPUCE: A Dream Realized

   Fender Tucker

Issue I — July 1970 25 - 48

The Cockettes Play the Palace

A Conversation with Allen Ginsberg

   Gerard van der Leun

The Great Blue Velvet Whip Fuck Conspiracy

   Shad Sharwick

Suds Smut

   S. Clay Wilson

Eat Me and Grow Big

   Sandy Darlington

Issue II — September 1970 49 - 77

Truckin’ Towards Taos with Tootsie

   Jon Stewart

The Unreal History of Snatch Comix

   Gerard van der Leun

Little Johnny Fuckerfaster

   Robert Crumb

A Much Wilder Suck Than You Think!

   Don Donahue


   John Spitzer


   Jon Stewart

Issue III — December 1970 78 - 94


   David St. Clair & Maggie Anthony

Marxist Mystics

   S. Lipney

On Anger: Interview of Kenneth Anger

   Jack Flash

B.B ON THE RUNNN: Interview of B.B. King

   Sam Silver

Issue IV — February 1971 95 - 110

Kathmandu Notebook

   Joe Shields

Trash Backlash: Interview of Paul Morrissey

   Scott Winokur

The Pimple on my Ass and ‘Joe’

   Howard J. Pearlstein and Time

Issue V — March 1971 111-153

An Organ Editorial

The New Right 114

   Jon Stewart


   Kevin Olsen and Sam Silver

The Process

   Howard Pearlstein

The Gospel According to Harry Krishner

   Sheila McAuliffe

The Name of the Game is “Synanon”

   Ray Patton

The Canonization of Ayn Rand

   Jon Stewart

Is This Goodbye, Captain Bright-Tights?

   Dick Lupoff

Picture Postcard Home: The Cock on the Right is Mine

   Jimmy Nolan

The Mick Jagger Story

   Tom Veitch

Rossmoor: The 45 Year-and Over Plastic Marsupial Pouch

   Howard J. Pearlstein

John Lennon and the Primal Scream

   Roland Jacopetti

Issue VI — April 1971 154 - 193

Dope Tales: More of a Habit Than Usin’

   Alpha Sort

Dealer McDope

   Dave Sheridan

Hooker: Wife of One, Mother of Two, Whore of Many

   Christopher Stewart

Lost in the Ozone Again: Interview of Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

   Dick Lupoff

The Assassination and Persecution of John F. Kennedy

   Ed Everett

Notes for a Novel of the Revolution

   Tom Clark & Tom Veitch

Going Through His and/or Her Changes: Angela Keyes Douglas

   Howard J. Pearlstein

Issue VII — May 1971 194 - 227

Diagram of a Drug User

The Battle of Berkeley

   Jon Stewart

Child of Tomorrow: An EC Comix

   William M. Gaines

Fixin’ Ta Live Rag: Interview with Country Joe McDonald

   Sam Silver

The Great Mount Rushmore Stuff-In: Mark Silverstein & Gerald Adams

   As Told to Howard Pearlstein


   Dick Lupoff

And On Your Left, We Have the Lincoln Memorial

   Howard Pearlstein

Issue VIII — June 1971 228-255

Motorcycle Consciousness

   Joe Shields

Just Pure Insanity: Interview with Rapid Ralph

   Gerard van der Leun

Motorcycle Cartoon

   S. Clay Wilson

“Fuck No, We’re Just Musicians,”: Interview with Jerry Garcia

   Frank Fedele

H.P. Lovecraft: Cthulhu Fhtagn!

   Dick Lupoff

Interview of Melvin van Peebles

   Howard Pearlstein

Issue IX — July 1971 256 - 297

The Scag Offensive: Heroin in the Military

   Jon Stewart

The Adventures of Sgt. Smack and Easy Co.

   Irons & Veitch

Report from the Field: Narcotics Scene in Vietnam

   First Louie

Politics of the Drug Trade

   Michael Rossman

Frank: Fiction from Prison

   C. V. Ray

A Ham Sandwich of Movie Reviews

   Pearlstein and Cowan

An Evening with Jerry Lee Lewis

   Dick Lupoff

Just Divine

   Edward Rasen

Come Back, Lyndon!

   Robert Anton Wilson & Robert Shea

Who Exactly Are Stanley and Jeannie Cotton?

   Franklin Miller

Who is the Third That Walks Behind You?

   William S. Burroughs

      How's that for a Table of Contents?