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Norvell W. Page, Writing as Grant Stockbridge


Normally, here at Ramble House we are pleased to give you a small taste of the good stuff before we make the deal for the whole bag... uh, book. But for this book, provided by Joel Frieman of the Argosy empire, we've decided that the explosive nature of his introduction where he makes the case that one of our most iconic heroes was somehow... But I go too far. This book, which contains in a facsimile entirety the story of the Spider against "Satan's Murder Machines" (from 1939) and as a bonus, "Crime's Christmas Carol", acts as evidence in the case brought by Mr. Frieman. Read the introduction and book, member of the jury, and tell us: What is your verdict?


Available Editions

$15  Trade Paperback (6" x 9")

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