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Shadow of Chu-Sheng and Yellow Magic


Eugene Thomas


Introduced by John Pelan


Dancing Tuatara Press #46


For the first time, two of Eugene Thomas' yellow peril novels of the mute and dastardly Chu-Sheng are collected in one volume. It's almost too much inscrutable terror to experience at one sitting! Published in 1933 and 1934, Shadow of Chu-Sheng and Yellow Magic are perfect introductions -- or if the case may be, reunions -- to the wiles of the man who never speaks buts causes so much anguish. John Pelan introduces the book and Gavin L' O'Keefe provided the cover art.


Available Editions 

    $6  Ebook (EPUB or MOBI) 

  $20 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"

  $35  Hardcover with Dustjacket  6" x 9"
  $45 Hardcover with bookplate and dustjacket, signed by John Pelan

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