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 Norman Berrow

 The Affair of the Singing Room of Jasmine Heights began with Michael Revel roaring drunk — and shot at by a gentleman named Spike Muldoon. Everyone knew that Muldoon was on the loose and wanted in three countries for murder — except Michael — but that wasn’t going to stop our young hero and his wife, Fleur, from spending a quiet two weeks at the magnificent home of the Sheppards of Jasmine Heights, where the only thing out of place was a room that happened to sing from time to time. Yes, a room that sang. And before long, the song it was singing was murder.

  So let Norman Berrow, the New Zealander who wrote twenty of the 20th century’s most enchanting “impossible” mysteries, tell you the tale as only he can, just as it was published back in 1948. $18


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