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 It’s hard to adopt a little girl when you’re a 30-something single male business analyst, but BakIerby Kell is determined to make Ysla Quarnborough his daughter. The only problem is that Judge Turnbo Hobersteed is set on making Bakerby his “100th conviction”, which will earn the Judge a sizeable inheritance. But all of that is further complicated when Bakerby visits Ramble House and stays in the very same room where two years earlier Kirk Solfedge, with the help of a man from the future, traveled 10 years into the future. Time travel? What in the world is webwork master Harry Stephen Keeler up to?

   This 358-page trade paperback contains the complete text of the novel written in 1965 and never published until now.

Trade PB, 358 pp. $20 + $3 Shipping

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