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by Ed Gorman


 “Subtle, ironic, never flashy (THE NIGHT REMEMBERS introduces Jack Walsh)…the kind of sleuth forever dogged by somber truths and bitter ironies. He grows on you, and so does Gorman.”


 “Gorman’s sixtyish sleuth Jack Walsh, tough as the job demands but as compassionate as the circumstance permits, is a gem and Gorman surrounds him with an ingenious story and a solid supporting cast.”

  --Robert Wade, San Diego Union

 “Character and a sense of place (Cedar Rapids) are the strengths of this taut who-really-dunnit.”

   --Publisher’s Weekly

 “THE NIGHT REMEMBERS is some of the best work Gorman has ever done. Walsh deserves a long life and an extensive literary life.”

    --Library Bulletin

 “Characterization is Gorman’s strong suit…The sometimes awkward, sometimes silent relationship between Walsh and his troubled lover is uncomfortably true to life.”

    --Ted Fitzgerald, THE DROOD REVIEW


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