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Jonathan M. Sweet


  In Greek mythology, Tiresias was said to have been turned into a woman for smiting two mating snakes with his staff. Seven years later, when Lady Tiresias traveled the same road and came upon two snakes similarly entwined, she struck them with her walking-stick to become a man again. He later was blinded by Hera when, based on his own unique experience, he claimed a woman enjoys sex better than a man. Given the gift of divination by Zeus, the prophet later foretold the fall of Oedipus.


   What begins as a puzzling case of mistaken identity soon becomes murder and stalking -- but who is stalking whom? This twisted tale of betrayal and revenge is full of surprises that would even have Norman Bates guessing. One of Smoking Cat's most outrageous novels.


Available Editions

$18  Trade Paperback 6" x 9"
$24  Ramble House handcrafted edition, with dust jacket 4.13" x 5.75"
$30 Hardcover with dust jacket  6" x 9"

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