By Knees Calhoon - except where noted below  Loof (Knees' latest song)

V  Homicide Blues b/w I Love My Mojo  The Altar Boys Blues (Traditional Latin lyrics)  The Family Values Polka (Traditional, doodles by Fender Tucker)  Ma Belle from Quebec (Song for Quebec)  Yellowknife (Song for the Northwest Territories)    Never Make It Back featuring Grogar (Viola by Gavin L. O'Keefe)    Ponderosa (Words and Music by Bill Smith)    The Blowout, Upchuck West Texas Blues (Words by Jim Weiler)    And the Firm Soil Win of the Wat'ry Main (Title by Wm Shakespeare)    Tommy's Trains (Words by Thomas Pynchon)    Nashville (Words and Music by Indigo Girls)     Broken (Words and Music by Chris Pyhtila)    If the Satellite Went Down Tonight (Words and Music by Terry Törnblom)     The Advantage on the Kingdom of the Shore (Title by Shakespeare)    That Time Will Come and Take My Love Away (Title by Shakespeare)     I'm Alone - But That's Okay (Words and Music by Christopher Guest)     Candy Man Yo Sweets Are Mighty Fine     July's Not the Hottest Month in Oz      Monterey Mystery      When It's Gone, It's Gone (Music by Bruce Cockburn)      One Tree Hill (Words and Music by U2)     Mighty Trucks of Midnight (Words and Music by Bruce Cockburn)

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