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The beautiful blonde girl stepped on the block, her hair in wild disarray down her shoulders, her breasts swelling--jutting against the soiled, white toga she wore, her feet bare and bruised, her eyes sky blue and tearful. The motley crowd of Romans in the slave forum ceased their Latin jabbering and clustered close about the beautiful, virgin-like creature. The dark men of Rome had never before beheld such fair beauty.

“Why,” cried a salacious commoner crudely reaching across the platform that separated the human merchandise from those who had come to buy, “she must be a descendant from the gods. Is she a goddess come to mock us here!” He tugged at the girl’s ankle length toga, trying to raise the skirt to appraise the bargain.

Instantly the auctioneer slapped the commoner’s arm, hard, with a leather whip.

“She’s human enough,” he snorted. “Here, look you Roman citizens!” He ripped the toga from the girl and she was revealed in all her dazzling nakedness to the mob. Her limbs were flawless, long and graceful, her buttocks like the statuary of ancient Greece, her breasts etched in pink luster.

“Whence cometh such a fair creature?” cried one old lecher in the mob who customarily bought the young girl slaves for his own sexual play.

“From the far north country of the barbarians. She was captured by Caesar’s legions and shipped, as you see her, to Rome,” explained the auctioneer—his mind already building the pitch for a higher bid.

“Be she taken by Caesar’s men, then be she no virgin,” cried another in the mob who drooled, nevertheless, at the sight of such female nudity.

“Wrong, Roman brothers,” declared the auctioneer. “She is Caesar’s own captive. Knowing full well how greatly virginity is valued in Rome—where it scarcely exists—he placed a guard around this girl. Not one of his foot soldiers has raped her, not a Roman hand has touched her. Caesar owns this slave and he wants the highest money for her. Therefore, I can guarantee her virginity on the word of Caesar himself.”

The girl wept shamefully and sadly, sobs moving her breasts in quivers, making her even more tempting to the heartless mob.

“What is her name,” cried another Roman.

“What does it matter,” replied the auctioneer. “For your purposes, she’ll be just as pleasant in bed whether she has a Latin name or none at all. But, let’s call her Cybele. Now, what am I bid for Cybele?”

The bidding was brisk, many sex-starved Romans reaching deeply into their purses for the pleasure of Cybele’s young body, but eventually only two remained in the contest. Both were patrician elders, men in their seventies whose great wealth far exceeded their bedroom capability.

One, Casius Augustus, demanded much more personal inspection before raising the price several thousand. He received preferential treatment from the auctioneer.

“A man of your civic stature and position should be able to handle her a bit before buying her,” he agreed. Casius ran his old hands across the girl’s breasts and pressed his ancient mouth to her lips. Cybele promptly bit him. This act caused the old man to scream in pain and anger. Seizing the auctioneer’s whip, he struck blow after blow on the bare shoulders of the beautiful slave and finally had to be pulled away by the auctioneer.

“Bah,” he spat, “keep the damned bitch,” and strode off in a guff.

The other remaining bidder, Brutus Rex, laughed uproariously at his competitor’s reception. “I’ll take the evil creature, beautiful as she is, and I’ll break her, you can bet your toga on that.” Forthwith old Brutus Rex counted out a sufficient number of gold pieces. He slapped his hands together and two eunuch Nubian slaves, black as the girl was white, strode forward and seized Cybele by her arms and legs. The anguished girl screamed, tugged and fought but the muscular slaves bore her to the rich Roman’s carriage. Brutus Rex watched the proceedings with lustful eyes, delighted at the wench’s spirit. He rubbed his hands together in erotic anticipation of the fun he would have with her and ordered the carriage away to his villa. Thus began the strange and sex-haunted life of the young Nordic goddess, Cybele, in ancient Rome.


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