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The House of Horror


Robert Halifax


Desmond Charnock, a clever electrical engineer, decides to follow a woman he sees after he leaves a Masonic dinner. He has been struck by love’s lightning bolt. Moments later a man appears, also with an interest in the mysterious woman. The man is swiftly felled by Desmond’s hand.

And so begins the extraordinary The House of Horror, a novel unfairly lost since 1911. Written by ‘Robert Halifax’, the pseudonym of Post Office telegraphist Robert Edward Young, The House of Horror is a rare excursion into adventure writing for the author, who was most at home writing novels about the slums of London and the people who lived in them.

It won’t be long until fate brings Desmond into the life of Gloria, the daughter of the mad anarchist inventor Count Franzmann. The Count needs Desmond’s skill in completing an engine of mass destruction — part of an infernal plot to destroy London and overthrow the Empire. Can Desmond rescue Gloria from the House of Horror?

Part melodrama, with a dashing of anarchism and science-fiction, The House of Horror is a true lost gem, uncovered from the archives by genre researcher and editor Johnny Mains.


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