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October 8, 2019

Our latest release is a new edition of another Walter S. Masterman eerie mystery featuring Sir Arthur Sinclair: BACK FROM THE GRAVE.



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Back from the Grave


Back from the Grave by Walter S. Masterman


A young lady named Billie has escaped from a private mental home, ‘Bloomfield’, run by Dr. Cox — and her first port-of-call is Sir Arthur Sinclair.

She wants the great detective to investigate the asylum, because some weird things have been going on.

The doctor in charge is acting in an odd way, and a skeleton is apparently haunting the place...
Once Sinclair delves into things, he finds that ‘Bloomfield’ had been owned by a man named Peabody, whose whacky will left all his property to his grand-daughter Sylvia,

but also decreed that Peabody be buried some place within the house itself. Is it possible that the dead man is now haunting the house and terrifying its inmates?
This is the first English-language reprint of Back from the Grave since its original publication in 1940.






No Escape


No Escape by R. R. Ryan


This novel is built on the theme that there is no escape for a murderer - that though undetected and unpunished by man-made laws,

he cannot hope to escape the hand of fate itself.

The story is a powerful one of a sensitive, cultured young husband driven to distraction by the ceaseless and jealous demands of his invalid, virgin wife,

and of the other woman whom he loved and desired.

Then the fateful temptation of arsenic.

The climax is totally unexpected.

It is contrived with great subtlety yet is in every way consistent with the trend of the story and with the motives and emotions of the characters.

The whole story reveals a deep understanding of human nature that raises it far above the level of the average romantic novel.

This new edition of No Escape the first since its original publication in 1940 includes an introduction by horror fiction authorities John Pelan and D. H. Olson.






The Mystery of Fifty-Two


The Mystery of Fifty-Two by Walter S. Masterman


Alfred Austin is a humble clerk and up until now his life has been uneventful.

But one rainy night in London he receives a mysterious phone call from an unknown woman,
asking him to come to a house in his own street and to give a message to a Mr. Carey.
Curiosity prompts Austin to venture out on that bleak night — but once he reaches No.52,

the young woman tells him that there is no Mr. Carey at the address, and that he must be mistaken.
But shortly a terrible discovery will be made in house No.52 that drags in Austin and his wife Nora.
It would take the skill of an Arthur Sinclair to solve the case...so it’s fortunate that the very man himself heads the investigation -
even if Sinclair admits he’s doing a lot of it independently of Scotland Yard.






The Devil's Saint by Dulcie Deamer


Set in an imagined Middle Ages where belief in magic and demons is unquestioned, The Devil’s Saint is a tale of witchcraft, superstition and intolerance.
It tells the story of 16-year-old Sidonia, daughter of an alleged witch, and Gervais, son of the Lord, Count Arnold.
Their passion faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles, including black magic, an evil step-mother, and blind prejudice.
Dulcie Deamer (1890–1972), an Australia author known as the “Queen of Bohemia,” is almost entirely forgotten today.
She was a well-known figure in the Kings Cross district of Sydney, and had a lifelong interest in ancient beliefs, black magic and nature mysticism.
The Devil’s Saint is a vivid love story, written in her unique descriptive style and containing rare occult delights.
This reprint of the novel first published in 1924 features a new biographical introduction by James Doig.





Night Forms


Night Forms: Stories by Francis M. Nevins



This volume features twenty-eight of Francis M. Nevins’ criminous short stories, originally published between 1972 and 2004.

The author has revised his introduction and afterwords to each story for this edition; these offer insights into the events and inspirations which influenced the writing of the stories.
The author’s series characters, Loren Mensing, Milo Turner and Gene Holt, are represented in fifteen of the stories. The balance of the tales cover Nevins’ pastiches and stand-alone stories.
This is a generous and entertaining collection that will especially appeal to mystery aficionados who relish the role of legal intricacies intersecting with intrigue, fraud and murder.




The Great Boo-Boo


The Great Boo-Boo by Henry S. Wilcox


Written by lawyer Henry S. Wilcox and first published in 1892 but never reprinted until now, The Great Boo-Boo is one of the strangest American novels of the 19th century.

It tells the story of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Hogg who, having embezzled money from his father’s bank in Des Moines, boards a ship bound for Fiji.

Instead, he’s shipwrecked on the island of King Monop, who owns everything and everyone in his kingdom, and lives in a palace made of crystalised human tears and blood.

But that’s just the beginning of Marcus’s adventures. The Great Boo-Boo is a unique mixture of fantasy and science fiction, social satire and farce, with bonus scenes of torture, blood drinking, nudity, homoerotism and lesbianism. This new edition features an introduction by Chris Mikul.




The Dirges of Maldoror

Isidore-Lucien Ducasse was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1846, and died in Paris in 1870 —
a year after his only major completed work, Les Chants de Maldoror, was published in Paris under the pseudonym Comte de Lautréamont.
Les Chants de Maldoror went almost entirely unnoticed when first published, but decades later the work profoundly influenced the Surrealists.
When the work was discovered by Philippe Soupault and André Breton in 1917, they hailed Lautréamont, along with Baudelaire and Rimbaud, as an important precursor to Surrealism.
René Magritte and Salvador Dalí would later complete illustrations for editions of Les Chants de Maldoror.
Elements in the work such as anti-Christian satire, confronting scenes, and surreal imagery have hitherto mitigated against a widespread popularity of the work.
But Les Chants de Maldoror has continued to inspire artists and writers around the world.
Ducasse’s incisive observations on humanity, along with notes of black humour and evocative passages of haunting beauty, cry out for a new hearing by modern readers in the 21st Century.
Gavin L. O’Keefe presents here his English translation of the work, entitled The Dirges of Maldoror.
This new interpretation is complemented by many original illustrations by O'Keefe designed especially to accompany the translation.





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Nyland, Gentry Mr. South Burned His Mouth  NEW!

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O'Brien, Richard  Hollywood Dreams

O'Brien, Richard  The KOKY Dailies

O'Brien, Richard  The KOKY Sundays

O'Brien, Richard  The One After Snelling

O'Brien, Richard  Researching American-Made Toy Soldiers

O'Brien, Richard  Suzy

O'Donnell, Elliott   The Sorcery Club

O’Higgins, Harvey  Detective Duff Unravels It

O’Keefe, Gavin L.   The Ramble House Mapbacks

O’Keefe, Gavin L., & Keeler & Carroll  A Snark Selection

O’Keefe, Gavin L., & Lewis Carroll  The Alice Books

O’Keefe, Gavin L.  Time Line

Olde, Nicholas The Incredible Adventures of Rowland Hern

Ozaki, Milt  Win, Place and Die!

Page, Norvell W.   The Spider: Satan's Murder Machines

Pearlstein, Howard J.   The Organ Reader

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Pelan, John  Tales of Terror and Torment #2

Penny, Rupert  The Lucky Policeman

Penny, Rupert  Policeman's Evidence

Penny, Rupert  Policeman's Holiday

Penny, Rupert  Policeman In Armour

Penny, Rupert  Sealed Room Murder

Penny, Rupert  She Had to Have Gas

Penny, Rupert  Sweet Poison

Penny, Rupert  The Talkative Policeman

Penny, Rupert writing as Martin Tanner  Cut and Run

Polt, Richard & Fender Tucker  Wild About Harry

Pratt, Ambrose   The Living Mummy NEW!

Price, E. Hoffmann   Satans of Saturn

Price, Robert M.   The Sword of Thongor

Pronzini, Bill & Barry N. Malzberg  Prose Bowl

Pronzini, Bill  Dago Red

Punshon, E. R. The Attending Truth

Punshon, E. R. Bobby Owen, Black Magic, Bloodshed and Burglary

Punshon, E. R. Brought to Light

Punshon, E. R. Crossword Mystery

Punshon, E. R. Dark is the Clue

Punshon, E. R. Diabolic Candelabra

Punshon, E. R. Dictator's Way

Punshon, E. R. Documentary Evidence

Punshon, E. R. The Golden Dagger

Punshon, E. R. Helen Passes By

Punshon, E. R. The House of Godwinsson

Punshon, E. R. Information Received

Punshon, E. R. Music Tells All

Punshon, E. R. Six Were Present

Punshon, E. R. Strange Ending

Punshon, E. R. Triple Quest

Radcliffe, Garnett  The Great Orme Terror

Reasoner, James  Old Times' Sake

Renwick, Peter  Black Hogan Strikes Again

Reynolds, Mack  The Case of the Little Green Men

Richardson, Frank  The Worst Man in the World NEW!

Robbins, Tod  Fighting Mad

Robbins, Tod  Freaks and Fantasies

Robbins, Tod  Mysterious Martin, The Master of Murder

Rodolf, Gussie  Cécile

Rogers, Joel Townsley  Killing Time and Other Stories

Rogers, Joel Townsley  Lady With the Dice

Rogers, Joel Townsley  Never Leave My Bed

Rogers, Joel Townsley  Night of Horror and Other Stories

Rogers, Joel Townsley  Once In a Red Moon

Rogers, Joel Townsley  The Stopped Clock

Rogers, Wayne  Death Rocks the Cradle and Other Stories

Rogers, Wayne  Satan's Sin House and Other Stories

Rohmer, Sax  Dope

Rohmer, Sax  The Yellow Claw

Rud, Anthony M.  The Place of Hairy Death and Other Stories

Ryan, R.R.  Death of a Sadist

Ryan, R.R.  Devil's Shelter

Ryan, R.R.  Echo of a Curse

Ryan, R.R.  Freak Museum

Ryan, R.R.  The Subjugated Beast

Saber, Robert O.  The Black Dark Murders

Scarm, Arthur M.  The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman

Schachner, Nat  The Devil's Night Club and Other Stories

Seaton, Kay  Pawns of Destiny NEW!

Shallit, Joseph  Case of the Billion Dollar Body

Shallit, Joseph  Kiss the Killer

Shallit, Joseph  Lady Don’t Die on my Doorstep

Shallit, Joseph  Take Your Last Look

Shallit, Joseph  Yell Bloody Murder

Shiel, M.P.  The Black Box

Shiel, M.P.  Prince Zaleski

Shields, Ralston  Food for the Fungus Lady and Other Stories

Smith, Evelyn E.  The Two Suns of Morcali

Smith, G.L.K.  The Roosevelt Death

Smithee, D.B.  The Dog Poker Code

Snell, Edmund  The Back of Beyond

Snell, Edmund  The Colours of Death

Snell, Edmund  The Crimson Butterfly

Snell, Edmund  Crooks Limited

Snell, Edmund  Dope and Swastikas

Snell, Edmund  The Finger of Destiny

Snell, Edmund  The Sign of the Scorpion

Snell, Edmund  The White Owl

Snell, Edmund  The Yu-Chi Stone

Stacey, Barnard  Satan's Secret and Selected Stories

Stanley, John  Bogart '48

Starr, Jimmy  A Jimmy Starr Omnibus

Stockman, John E. The Crackpot

Surratt, John  Diary and Journal of John Surratt, Conspirator

Sweet, Jonathan M.   Secrets of a Teenage Superhero

Sweet, Jonathan M.   Tiresias

Talbot, Hake  The Hangman's Handyman

Talbot, Hake  Rim of the Pit

Tallant, Wesley  Jake Hardy

Tallant, Wesley  Whip Dodge: Man Hunter

Tanner, Martin  Cut and Run

Taylor, Katharine Haviland What Was That? NEW!

Taylor, Una Ashworth Knight Asrael and Other Stories NEW!

Temple, William F.  A Niche in Time and Other Stories

Tevelein, William  A Dimension Down the Road

Tevelein, William  First Frost

Tevelein, William  The Visitants

Thayer, Tiffany  The Illustrious Corpse

Thayer, Tiffany  Five Million in Cash

Thayer, Tiffany  Doctor Arnoldi

Thomas, Eugene  The Silent Terror of Chu-Sheng

Trevor, Ralph  Easy for the Crook NEW!

Trevor, Ralph  Front Page Murder NEW!

Trevor, Ralph  Invitation to Murder NEW!

Trevor, Ralph  The Deputy Avenger NEW!

Trevor, Ralph  The Phantom Raider NEW!

Trevor, Ralph  Murder in Silk

Tucker, Fender  A To Izzard

Tucker, Fender  The Compleat Calhoon

Tucker, Fender  Daince with the Calhoons

Tucker, Fender  Fakealoo!

Tucker, Fender  LOADSTAR Compleat

Tucker, Fender  The Mighty Calhoon Brothers

Tucker, Fender  Totah Six-Pack

van Arnam, Dave and White, Ted  Sideslip

Van Gelder, Gordon  Go Forth and Multiply

Verner, Gerald   The Evil of Li-Sin

Verner, Gerald   Midnight Murder

Verner, Gerald   They Walk in Darkness

Verron, Robert   The Freak Island Murders  NEW!

Viereck, George Sylvester  The House of the Vampire

Viereck, George Sylvester  Prince Pax

Viereck, George Sylvester  Slammer Days - Men Into Beasts

Vivian, E. Charles   Accessory After NEW!

Vivian, E. Charles   Evidence in Blue

Vivian, E. Charles   Ladies in the Case NEW!

Vivian, E. Charles   The Lady of the Terraces

Weiler, Jim  Blood in a Snap

Weiler, Jim  The 66 Chevy Nova Blues

Wellman, Manly Wade  Devil's Planet

Wells, Carolyn   The Technique of the Mystery Story

Wells, Basil  The Basil Wells Omnibus

Wells, H. G.  The Book of Time

White, Ted and van Arnam, Dave  Sideslip

White, Edward Lucas  Lukundoo

Whitfield, Raoul  Death in a Bowl

Willie, Ennis   Sand's Game

Willie, Ennis   Sand's War

Wills, Cecil M.   Fatal Accident

Wilson, Richard  The Story Writer and Other Stories

Wilson, Richard  The Man Without a Planet and Other Stories

Wilson, Richard  The Town from Planet 5

Woodford, Jack  Evangelical Cockroach

Woodford, Jack  Money Brawl

Woodford, Jack  Pair O' Jacks

Woodford, Jack  Slammer Days -- Home Away From Home

Woollen, Ian  Stakeout on Millennium Drive

Woolrich, Cornell  A Young Man's Heart

Woolrich, Cornell  Love and Night  NEW!

Wright, Ernest Vincent  Gadsby

Wright, Wade  Death At Nostalgia Street

Wright, Wade  Echo of Fear

Wright, Wade  It Leads to Murder

Wright, Wade  Shadows' Edge

Wylie, Philip    Blondy's Boy Friend

Wylie, Philip    The Smiling Corpse

Yohe, Steve  Ed "Strangler" Lewis: Facts within a Myth

Young, Robert F.  The House that Time Forgot and Other Stories

Zagat, Arthur Leo  Summer Camp for Corpses and Other Stories

Zagat, Arthur Leo  The Corpse Factory and Other Stories

Zagat, Arthur Leo  They Dine in Darkness and Other Stories

The Ramble House Coloring Book  NEW!