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Tales with a Sting


Stories from The Sketch


Herein are collected nineteen tales taken from the pages of The Sketch, an English magazine published between 1893 and 1959. This amounted to 2,989 issues over 66 years!


The Sketch was primarily a society magazine with regular features on royalty and the aristocracy, theatre, cinema and art studies, but it also published short stories—some of which involved a tantalizing darker edge. These tales were aimed at “the cultivated people who in their leisure moments look for light reading and amusing pictures, imbued with a high artistic value”. As it happened, the stories contained in the ‘Tales with a Sting’ section of The Sketch are not “light” at all, but deal with deceit, suicide, and murder.


Editor Johnny Mains has scoured The Sketch to bring together the best of its long-forgotten tales, and Robin Ince provides the introduction to this intriguing anthology.




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