The Vampire


Cover art by O’Keefe



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The Vampire


by Reginald Hodder


There is some kind of unnatural phenomenon at work in the district. For local Dr. Craddock it would be unsettling enough to find it manifest in a patient he has a nodding acquaintance with — but when it affects Beatrice, the woman he loves, it is beyond the pale. How is one to explain something entirely new to one’s professional experience? Little does Craddock realize what ancient supernatural forces are coalescing nearby


Reginald Hodder (1867-1926) wrote or co-wrote novels in different genres, but The Vampire (1913) stands out as a notable treatment of the vampire motif. Long out-of-print and hard-to-find, this new edition features an introduction by James Doig which sheds light on the author and his singular novel.



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