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Two Novels of a Future Earth by Malcolm Jameson


Introduced by Richard A. Lupoff

 ATOMIC BOMB was written in 1941 and TARNISHED UTOPIA was written in 1943 and they are two of the best of the enjoyable genre we call "past futures". We are actually living beyond the "future" described in these books and boy is it fun reading about the fearful futures imagined by Malcolm Jameson back in the 40s. TARNISHED UTOPIA is reminiscent of 1984 or BRAVE NEW WORLD and addresses the use of psychedelic drugs, while ATOMIC BOMB reminds us of the terrific uncertainty about nuclear reactions. Would the bomb, once exploded, ever stop exploding? These were real and scary concerns back in the early 40s.

Richard Lupoff's introduction tells about the author, Malcolm Jameson, who has had two collections of his SF short stories published by Ramble House, The Chariots of San Fernando and The Alien Envoy.



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