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Norman Berrow

We don't know much about Norman Berrow at this time but author/editor Bill Pronzini provided me with this:

Berrow was a New Zealander, though none of his novels is set there.  He was married, spent some time in Gibraltar in the 30s (his early books are set there and he seems to have known the place pretty well), and was in the military service for six years during and just after World War II.

As soon as I can dig up something more I'll add it to this page. In the meantime, enjoy the ever-growing list of titles that Ramble House has made available again -- some for the first time in over fifty years.


Ghost House 1940

Ghost House 1979

The Bishop's Sword

Don't Go Out AFter Dark

The Claws of the Cougar

The Smokers of Hashish

The Secret Dancer

Don't Jump, Mr. Boland!

The Footprints of Satan

The Three Tiers of Fantasy

The Spaniard's Thumb

Fingers For Ransom

Words Have Wings

The Lady's In Danger

The Eleventh Plague

Oil Under the Window

One Thrilling Night

It Howls At Night

The Terror in the Fog

Murder in the Melody

The Singing Room

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