Richard A. Lupoff's

Surinam Turtle Press


1. The Master of Mysteries Gelett Burgess

2. The White Cat Gelett Burgess

3. Two Oclock Courage Gelett Burgess

4. Ladies in Boxes Gelett Burgess

5. Find the Woman Gelett Burgess

6. The Picaroons Gelett Burgess & Will Irwin

7. The Heart Line Gelett Burgess

8. The Triune Man Richard A. Lupoff

9. The Time Armada Fox Holden

10. A Shot Rang Out Jon Breen

11. The Smiling Corpse Philip Wylie

12. Sacred Locomotive Flies Richard A. Lupoff

13. Welsh Rarebit Tales Harle Cummins

14. Sideslip White & Van Arnam

15. Blondy's Boy Friend Philip Wylie

16. The Technique of Mystery -- Carolyn Wells

17. Marblehead Richard A. Lupoff


18. Deep Space Richard A. Lupoff

19. Lady Mechante Gelett Burgess

20. Away From The Here and Now Harris

21. Tracer of Lost Persons Robert Chambers

22. Hairbreadth Escapes of Major Mendax F. Blake Crofton

23. The Book of Time H.G Wells & Richard A. Lupoff

24. The Case of the Little Green Men Mack Reynolds

25. Star Griffin Michael Kurland

26. J. Poindexter, Colored Irvin S. Cobb

27. Pair o' Jacks Jack Woodford

28. Evangelical Cockroach Jack Woodford

29. Money Brawl Jack Woodford and H. Bedford-Jones

30. The Basil Wells Omnibus Basil Wells

31. The Disentanglers Andrew Lang

32. Tarnished Bomb Malcolm Jameson

33. Satans of Saturn Otis Adelbert Kline

34. A Gellett Burgess Sampler Alfred Jan

35. John Carstairs, Space Detective Frank Belknap Long


36. The Illustrious Corpse Tiffany Thayer

37. Astonishing! Astounding! Malcolm Jameson

38. The Town from Planet Five Richard Wilson

39. Win, Place and Die! Milt Ozaki

40. Dead Man's Money J.S. Fletcher

41. Prince Pax George Sylvester Viereck

42. Tree of Life, Book of Death Grania Davis

43. Bogart '48 John Stanley & Kenn Davis

44. The Case in the Clinic E.C.R. Lorac

45. Two-Timers Ray Cummings & Malcolm Jameson

46. What If? #3 Richard A. Lupoff

47. Carol Carr The Collected Writings

48. What If? #1 Richard A. Lupoff

49. What If? #2 Richard A. Lupoff

50a. Writer 1 Richard A. Lupoff

50b. Writer 2 Richard A. Lupoff

50b. Writer 3 Richard A. Lupoff

51. Five Million in Cash Tiffany Thayer writing as O.B. King

52. The Daymakers Damien Broderick & John Boston

53. You're Not Alone Damien Broderick

54. The Crackpot John Stockman

55. City of the Tiger Damien Broderick & John Boston

56. The Tell-Tale Soul Christopher Conlon

57. Knowing the Unknowable Damien Broderick

58. The Kid was a Killer Caryl Chessman

59. Perchance to Wake Damien Broderick & John Boston

60. David & Son Grania Davidson Davis

61. Second Creation Gordon Eklund

62. The Sword of Thongor Robert M. Price

63. Retro Man Gordon Eklund




All of the STP books have been edited by Richard A. Lupoff


Titles without links are forthcoming